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 Comfrey Root Extract

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Comfrey Root - What is this healing herb used for?

The most valuable pharmacological properties of comfrey root extract is its wound healing and anti-inflammatory effects.

Comfrey root is often used to...
Treat wounds, ulcers and fractures.
Treat inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract.
Help heal broken bones, wounds, bruises, sprains, fractures, radiculitis, mastopathy, mastitis, tonsillitis, and ulcerative stomatitis.
Lower blood pressure and stimulate respiratory activity.
Improve skin tone.
Enhance the intestinal and uterine muscles.

Dr. Christopher's Original Formulas are one of the most trusted brands for organic or wildcrafted healing herbal extracts, salves, ointments and health supplements...

The biologically active substances of Dr. Christopher’s Comfrey Root Extract have protective properties lowering blood pressure and stimulating respiratory activity. Comfrey contributes greatly to the regeneration of bone tissue by stimulating cell and damaged tissue growth. It has a strong positive effect on relieving pain in the gastro-intestinal tract, improving digestion, strengthening epithelialization during inflammation of mucous membranes . Comfrey root extract performs the same functions in upper respiratory tract diseases by helping with the expectoration of phlegm. It has also been found to restore the epithelium function, and significantly reduce inflammation.

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Dr. Christopher's
Comfrey Root Extract
2oz. bottle
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Comfrey Root Extract - Organic or Wildcrafted

Buy your organic or wildcrafted Comfrey Root Extract from naturalvitaminsandherbs.com.
Retail price: $16.99
Your price: $13.59
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Buy One $13.59 Save 20%
Buy 3 for only $12.75 ea. Save 25%

Directions: Take 1 to 2 droppersful 3 times daily. May be mixed with juice or water if desired.

Warning: Like many other herbal remedies, comfrey contains toxic alkaloids and consolidine, which in large doses may paralyze the central nervous system. It is not recommended to use comfrey root extract during pregnancy and it is potentially unsafe for the liver.

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